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Mary Patterson a well-respected  entrepreneur, Patterson has dedicated her life to empowering women through fashion and  style as a wardrobe stylist and mentor. She has climbed out of  self- destructive  cycles with the determination to help as many people along  the way. Patterson turned her pain into power, passion and purpose. 

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The Power Exchange 2020


What women everywhere have been waiting for! To be surrounded by a safety net of sisterhood. Grab your sister-friend and enter a space of love, power, and authenticity. The Power Exchange will offer an intimate time of spiritual cleansing, melodic healing, deeper understanding through transparent conversation, genuine connections and practical tools and tips that you can take with you in your daily journey towards your destiny. See you soon!



If you are ready to heal from past traumas, tired of taking everything personally, ready to break generational cycles that's no longer serving you, this book is for you! I boldly share my truth  to empower the reader to walk in their own truth. As a domestic violence survivor and a mother of an angle baby, I had a lot to heal from and thought I'd never make it through the trauma I experienced.Here I am more power than I ever thought I'd be. I am on a mission to empower women to overcome  the unpleasant moments of life and tap into their divine power. Don't  Block Your Bloom!

Love & Light

Mary Patterson

What are readers saying ?!

"You are responsible for Don’t Block Your Bloom."

 "This  was a really great read!  It was one of those books I literally  couldn’t put down once I started.  The author showed so much courage  sharing her truth with the world and strength in pulling herself out of  the most darkest times one couldn’t fathom.  It’s one of those books  that’s for everyone, women and men because at some point in our lives  we’ve all struggled with life.  I can definitely relate!  I highly  recommend this book to everyone! "

"Amazing read!"

 "This  is a great read. Finished it within an hr. I started and couldn’t stop.  I identified with so many different stages in her book and life. She  shows vulnerability in this book something that most people are scared  to share with themselves and the world. Both women and men will bloom  from reading this book. God isn’t done with her yet and you see it  through this read. "

"It's Bloom Season!"

 "Honestly  if you haven’t gotten this book you are missing out! Missing out on  Healing, Inspiration, Encouragement, and the power of the message behind  this Authors." transparency! Don’t miss out on your Bloom Season!" 

"You've got something with this book!"

"This book is super amazing! It's going to touch so many women and men on different levels. God bless you for the vulnerability you've displayed in this book."